It's The Perfect Place

Before people move to Fort Worth, the few things they seem to know about the city is that it’s located in Texas and is home to the Spurs NBA team. However, there is much more to discover about Fort Worth than that, especially if you plan on living there. It’s important to understand the good with the not-so-good parts. Here’s what you should know about living in Fort Worth.

Fort Worth is big, and it’s only getting bigger. If you don’t like big cities and the crowds that go along with it, then keep in mind that lots of people seem to be moving to Fort Worth, quite possibly for reasons similar to yours. If you love the feel of the big city, the outdoors, warm weather (ok, hot weather), and all things Texas, then Fort Worth is just the right place for you.

Things To Know

It's So Affordable

Where home prices seem to be surging upward in most parts of the U.S., they remain reasonable and affordable in Fort Worth at eight points lower than the national average, which is partially why so many people consider moving there. The median home cost hovers arounds $169,600. You can use all the extra money to go see a Spurs game or get some delicious Tex-Mex cuisine.

Friendly Despite Crime

Texas is big and overall firearm friendly, but crime still exists. Weatherford criminal defense lawyers report that crime has increased in the inner-city portion of the city in spite of declining crime rates everywhere else in the country. Fort Worth has a beautiful and neighborly feel to it, but it’s still important to take measures to keep yourself and your property safe.

Small Town Feeling

One of the biggest and best things about Fort Worth is that the people are so friendly, you get that small town feel in the middle of a very large city. The population is very diverse, which makes it a welcome place for people of all backgrounds. It’s definitely a place to call home if you’re drawn there to live due to a job change, divorce, or you just want to start a new life somewhere else.